The One Thousand Heart Collection


About Me

A small introduction to my self and the 1000 Heart Collection Limited Edition Hand Carved Pencils By Me



I'm Tom Lynall,

I'm a bespoke Jewellery designer from the UK, Amongst many other things, Pencil Carving Became My Hoby When I Started Making Miniature Jewellery and Sculptures with my microscope.

Did You Know..

The first Ever Pencil carving I did was a Heart, because the first pencil I picked up was Red funnily enough, I Went on to making many different more complex designs as you may have seen on my Instagram If not its worth checking out :) by the followers I gained over time on social media, I was inspired by so much love and beautiful messages that I received from all of You .So I created the 1000 heart collection.


1000 hearts.jpg

Hurry there isn’t many left

Each one is numbered individually for you to keep or share with a loved one, The collection is Limited Edition, I have Only carved 1000.

Once they are sold out only you will own an individual number in the collection.